Athlete Representation (NIL)


The United States Supreme Court’s landmark NCAA v. Alston decision in 2021 and subsequent enactment of Kentucky’s “Pay to Portray Act” in 2022, has drastically change the landscape of NCAA athletics. Our Athlete Representation group works to aid NCAA student-athletes by putting them in the position to appropriately navigate compliance challenges while effectively taking advantage of new changes.

The Athlete Representation practice of Goldberg & Simpson helps current and prospective NCAA athletes protect their eligibility while negotiating, and entering into, endorsements and deals arising out of and related to their Name, Image, and Likeness. Our attorneys have successfully represented one or more clients in every U.S. state except for Alaska, including athletes, businesses, and universities.

Our Athlete Representation Attorney services include:

  • Name, Image and Likeness Representation
  • Athlete Representation Agreements
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Business Formations
  • Creation and Management of LLCs
  • Legal Advice related to NIL relationships for Business Partners and/or Third Parties
  • Draft and Review of NIL related business documents
  • Endorsement and Sponsorship Agreements
  • Money Collection Representation
  • Legal Representation for Agents

Consulting with an attorney before engaging in any business venture is always recommended. Engaging in the business of monetizing your NIL is no exception, namely because of vastly unchartered NCAA compliance and eligibility considerations. Goldberg Simpson Attorneys are NOT agents.

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