Q&A Video Series

Goldberg Simpson is a full-service law firm and regional leader with attorneys who practice in a wide-range of areas of litigation. To continue to serve as a premier legal resource for clients in Louisville and across the region, Goldberg Simpson has developed the “Q&A Video Series” featuring our attorneys as they speak on specific issues to help you better understand your situation and your options.

The Importance of Attorney/Client Collaboration

Family Law attorney, Louis I. Waterman speaks on the importance of transparency between the attorney and client to set a strategy for the desired goal of divorce cases and upfront expectations.

Personal Injury Law and auto policy declarations

Goldberg Simpson Personal Injury attorney Kevin Weis speaks on the importance of knowing what’s on your automobile policy declarations page. What are the elements of liability coverage? What’s the difference of uninsured and underinsured coverage? Is personal injury protection coverage necessary? Weis explains all the answers to these questions and provides insight on why Goldberg Simpson differs from other plaintiff’s attorneys.

Attorney Expertise in Divorce

Goldberg Simpson’s “The Q&A Series” continues with attorney Troy Demuth discussing the legal options for a couple going through divorce. DeMuth concentrates his practice in the area of family law, including divorce and child custody. Watch as he explains when and why an attorney should be involved in the divorce process. He also discusses how the divorce process differs when children are involved and what advice he has for someone going through the emotional process of divorce.

Personal Injury Law and motor vehicle accidents

Goldberg Simpson Partner Kevin Weis leads the firm's Personal Injury practice group - a group with more than 100 years of collective experience in personal injury claims. In this installment of The Q&A Series, Weis discusses why it's important to have a plan ready in case you're involved in a motor vehicle accident. Watch as Weis details the first things you should do if you are injured in an accident and shares what advice he would give someone who has been in a motor vehicle accident.

Goldberg Simpson culture, community involvement and ethics

Goldberg Simpson’s Managing Partner, Jon Goldberg, discusses why community involvement is so important and points to the firm’s ethical standards as a top reason why clients continually remain with the firm. Watch as he provides an inside look at his unique managing philosophy and examines the difference you’ll see when working with Goldberg Simpson.

When your Second Amendment Rights are unfairly taken away

Constitutional Law & Appeals attorney Aaron J. Silletto explains the need to have representation as it relates to second amendment rights and what to do if your second amendment rights are ever wrongfully taken. Silletto also describes a new Kentucky statute that expunges low-level felony convictions and offers an opportunity at a fresh start for gun owners that want the ability to defend themselves and their family.

Family Law and the intricacies of dependency, neglect and abuse cases

Family Law attorney, Troy Demuth, explains when to involve an attorney, what’s at stake without attorney representation and what to look for when choosing representation.

Construction Law and the choice of mediation vs. litigation

The Q&A Series takes a look at Alternative Dispute Resolution with Steve Smith of Goldberg Simpson’s Construction & Insurance Defense Group. Watch as he explains facilitative mediation, discusses why someone may choose for mediation over litigation, and how mediation is handled in the construction community.

The complexities of Employment Law

Labor and Employment attorney, Jan West, discusses the complexities of employment law. Watch as she addresses why employment law can be complex, details common discriminatory practices and what advice she has for both employers and employees.

Trusts and Estates Law, and the probate process

Trusts and Estates attorney Kelli Brown details what probate is, why it’s important and whether an attorney is necessary for the probate process. Brown also discusses what tasks a person can handle themselves while navigating this process and what options a person has if probate was not handled correctly.

Family Law and same-sex divorce

Goldberg Simpson attorney, Louis I. Waterman addresses how handling same-sex divorce differs from other divorce cases, and speaks on other common issues surrounding same-sex divorce.