Prenuptial Agreements

Individuals now wait longer before marrying for the first time. Often these individuals have accumulated assets and one way to protect these assets is to have a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements are also important in second marriages, where it may be necessary to protect the rights of children from the first marriage. Goldberg Simpson is available to assist you in negotiating and structuring prenuptial agreements to protect family assets and business interests. For more information regarding Prenuptial Agreements under Kentucky Law, click here.

A prenuptial agreement is critical to protecting assets accumulated prior to a marriage. As men and women now wait longer before they marry for the first time, assets can be substantial. What’s more, prenuptial agreements become important in a second marriage where protection for childrens’ rights or heritable assets can be obtained.  Goldberg Simpson’s experience attorneys can negotiate and structure prenuptial agreements to protect your assets and business interests.

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