Post-Dissolution Overview

Even after the Decree has been signed, there can be on-going matters involving your ex-spouse until the children are grown. There may be modifications in child support, collection of child support arrearages, modification of visitation, and, possibly, the modification of custody. We stand ready to assist you as these issues arise long after the divorce Decree has been signed.

Post-Divorce Matters

As much as you hope that a signed divorce decree puts an end to a painful chapter in your life, if you have children with your ex-spouse, other matters could arise that bring you back to the table.

For example your ex-spouse may not be complying with the terms of the agreement. In addition, we are ready to assist you other with post-dissolution matters including modification of child support (increase, decrease or terminate) or collection of arrearages, modification of custody or modification of visitation (increase, decrease, or terminate).

Goldberg Simpson attorneys are highly skilled in dealing with such issues even when they did not handle the original divorce proceedings.

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