Justin Key and Nick Veroff secure relocation victory for client that is upheld on appeal

Jeffersonville family law attorneys Justin Key and Nick Veroff of Goldberg Simpson secured their client’s relocation with her two children from southern Indiana to Florida over the father’s objection. And in a decision handed down just before the end of 2020, the relocation was upheld by the Indiana Court of Appeals. Justin and Nick were both involved in presenting the client’s case to the local family court and in drafting a brief on appeal to see that the work put in for the client would last as the other parent challenged the decision to a different panel of judges.

Just before the pandemic began this year, the mother decided it best to relocate with the children. Goldberg Simpson filed the appropriate relocation paperwork with the local court as required by Indiana law. Despite the restrictions placed on courts as COVID-19 spread, Goldberg requested and obtained a prompt hearing that occurred with social distancing and masks in the courtroom, with some individuals appearing remotely via Zoom video.

Following a multi-hour hearing, the local judge permitted mom to relocate with the children. Our firm helped mother work with the guardian ad litem (GAL) that had been appointed for the children to discern and report on the kids’ best interests.

Father challenged this decision with the higher court, and Justin and Nick continued to work for the client to see that her request to move was upheld. In a 17 page decision handed down on December 29, 2020, Mother was allowed to stay in Florida with the children.

Full details of the case can be found at this following link: https://public.courts.in.gov/Appellate/Document?id=f4af0a05-ad96-4b28-9ec3-d704cbee52e5

While this case is public record, client consent was obtained for this post.

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